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Welcome to our Hot Topics page. Here we have compiled the latest news and updates in Parkinson’s research, including articles, papers and talks from world-leading Parkinson’s researchers. Check back here to see what’s new!

‘Hand’ – Brett Harvey
A new short film, ‘Hand’, shows the progression of Parkinson’s disease through the perspective of UK film director, writer and lecturer Brett Harvey – and the tremor in his left hand. Read the interview with Brett from Parkinson’s Life here.

No Silver Bullet Talk by Dr Kevin McFarthing
Dr Kevin McFarthing gave an interesting talk on ‘Latest drug developments in Parkinson’s’ on the No Silver Bullet YouTube channel.

This is an interesting presentation about drug development, how long it takes from discovery to use and a summary of some drugs in different clinical trials. The talk was followed by a long question session which also provided useful information.

Nicotinamide Riboside, Vitamin B3, Clinical Trial
Parkinson’s News Today have reported on Phase I trial results for an oral supplement of B3 taken by a small group of people with Parkinson’s over a one month period. Read the Parkinson’s News Today report here.

Alpha Synuclein and Parkinson’s
Click here to read a new paper which has been published by Dr Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein and is entitled ‘Estimates of Intracellular Dopamine in Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.’   Dr Sackner-Bernstein is the speaker at next Monday’s (21/02/2022) No Silver Bullet talk at 19.30 so it could be a very interesting talk entitled ‘What if I discovered the Silver Bullet?’ If interested you need to register here

Mitochondria and Parkinson’s talk by Prof. Miratul Muqi
Click here to access an an interesting talk about problems with mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell, in Parkinson’s and what seems to be the problem with them. This talk was given to the Scottish RIGs on Saturday January 22nd.

No Silver Bullet talk by Professor Roger Barker
Here is a video of Professor Roger Barker’s brilliant lecture on 25/01/2022 from the No Silver Bullet group’s series of online lectures. Roger Barker described where we are on cell-based dopamine replacement therapies. His lecture was one of the best we have heard recently delivered in a clear and concise manner and offering some hope that this approach will benefit some PwP in the not too distant future.

No Silver Bullet talk by Dr Simon Stott, Deputy Research Director at Cure Parkinson’s
In this talk hosted by No Silver Bullet, Dr Simon Stott discusses his research from 2021 and how he is looking ahead to 2022.

No Silver Bullet 2021 Speakers
The ‘No Silver Bullet‘ YouTube Channel have recently uploaded videos of their 2021 speakers. We have compiled a list of these speakers along with some links to further information, which can be accessed here.

Michael J. Fox Foundation Latest Research Funding
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) has just awarded research funding to a company called AC Immune based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The research will study small molecules which can enter the brain and inhibit the aggregation of alpha-synuclein, one of the key problems in Parkinson’s.

PD Frontline Newsletter
PD Frontline have just published their first newsletter describing progress on several fronts of PD research. It is well worth reading and has links to trials and other interesting aspects of PD research.

Newsletter December 2021

The CUE1 Device
The CUE1 is a small non-invasive device that is worn on the body to administer specialised vibratory stimulation to relieve the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s. It combines the principles of Focussed Vibrotactile Stimulation and Cueing, which have been shown throughout scientific literature to improve motor performance and help freezing respectively.

This talk by the CEO of Charco Neurotech the company developing the device was given on 13/12/21 on the ‘No Silver Bullet‘ YouTube channel, which we urge you to follow.

GDNF Trial
In view of the recent email from Parkinson’s UK about an Opportunity to join regulatory meetings to discuss plans for a new GDNF (Glial Derived Neurotrophic Factor) Trial , this article summarises the current GDNF situation rather well. 

Want to take part in the EPDA survey?
The European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) have launched a multi-language questionnaire focused on advanced Parkinson’s and treatment awareness. To take part click the link here.

Nilotinib for Parkinson’s?
A leukaemia drug nilotinib shows promising effects in delaying the progression of Parkinson’s as described in the attached  article. Nilotinib  appears to work by producing effects on the blood-brain barrier – see earlier article and video about the glymphatic system by Dr Ian Harrison.

Upcoming RIG Forums
Check out our Events page for details on three exciting Research Interest Group forums being held in November.

The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s
There is an interesting talk by Joy Milne about her extraspecial ability to small Parkinson’s and how this has led to chemical tests for Parkinson’s. She was talking to a meeting of the ‘No SIlver Bullet’ Group at one of their monthly meetings.

What has changed in Parkinson’s since my last talk in 2021: A Personal Perspective
Professor Roger Barker (University of Cambridge) recently spoke at the Edinburgh Parkinson’s Lecture following his inaugural talk in 2012.

The ‘Hard to Swallow’ report Aug 2021
The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) audit is now available. It provides learning points for all stakeholders into the management of swallowing problems which lead to hospital admission and preventable deaths.

Preventative treatments for Parkinson’s
There is an interesting recent review entitled  ‘Preventive treatments to slow substantia nigra damage and Parkinson’s disease progression: A critical perspective review’ in a journal called Pharmacological Research, volume 161 (2020) 105065.

Trehalose as a promising therapeutic?
A recent review has been published discussing trehalose as a potential therapeutic for Parkinson’s. The review discussing this topic can be downloaded adjacent.

Red light for Parkinson’s?
A recent event was held by Catherine Hamilton discussing the effects of red light on the brain. Access her webpage for more information.

People with Parkinson’s: what symptoms do they most want to improve and how does this change with disease duration?
PEMRIG member Martin was a co-author on this paper discussing the symptoms that are most problematic to people with Parkinson’s.

A “world-first” trial for Parkinson’s disease

 Author: Simge Eva Dogan Published: 5 November 2020
Focused Ultrasound Parkinson's Trial
In a ground breaking new clinical trial, scientists are using ultrasound technology to deliver therapy to specific brain regions affected by Parkinson’s disease

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