Lab Visits & Interviews

PEMRIG’s mission is to raise awareness of the latest research which is being done to advance our understanding of Parkinson’s. On this page, we have documented Lab Visits and Interviews with Parkinson’s researchers, all discussing the latest updates to their exciting research.

Upcoming Online Lab Visit

Professor Lisa Chakrabati of the University of Nottingham.
9th August 2022- 14:00

PEMRIG are organising an online visit to the mitochondria research laboratory of Professor Lisa Chakrabati of the University of Nottingham. This will be at 14.00h on August 9 th and
will last about 60-90 minutes with questions. We are organising this visit so that anyone in the East Midlands or further afield can join the online visit and so find out what Professor
Chakrabati’s research is about. The mitochondria in some nerve cells of people with Parkinson’s don’t produce enough energy to power all the reactions going on in these dynamic cells and this lack of energy partly contributes to the death of nerve cells observed in Parkinson’s. So Professor Chakrabati’s work should be of great interest. Click here to register for this lab visit.

The PEMRIG Interviews: Dr Ian Harrison
Martin Rumsby organised a virtual tour of Dr Ian Harrison’s lab at University College London on 24th June 2021. Dr Harrison spoke about his team’s research on the glymphatic system, and its potential implication in Parkinson’s. This meeting was recorded and is available in the YouTube video adjacent. Martin wrote a short report summarising this meeting, which can be accessed via the ‘Download’ button.

Laboratory Visit Dr Susan Duty
Martin Rumsby attended a virtual lab tour of Dr Susan Duty’s lab at King’s College London on 13th May 2021. Dr Duty presented several pieces of work including the repurposing of an asthma drug to potentially benefit people with Parkinson’s disease. Please click the download button for a full report on the lab visit and a link to the lab tour.

The PEMRIG Interviews: Professor Flaviano Giorgini
Interview with Professor Flaviano Giorgini, Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, University of Leicester on 22nd April 2021. Professor Flaviano Giorgini has a 3 year research grant from Parkinson’s UK for a project entitled ‘Unravelling the role of RAB39B in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis’. The grant employs a postdoctoral research associate and expires in January 2022. Click the download button to read a summary of the conversation with Flaviano.

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