Recommended Reading


1.  Goodbye Parkinson’s Hello Life: The Gyro-Kinetic Method for Eliminating Symptoms and Reclaiming Your Good Health

Authors: Alex Kerten and David Brinn

This book is reviewed at: Goodbye Parkinson’s, hello life

An extract from the review says “Alex Kerten’s book has the goal of reducing Parkinson’s symptoms by lowering anxiety through mindfulness and creating motion in the body through music, movement, and rhythm.  Kerten explains that anxiety is often rooted long before a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, and he addresses how to recognize it and change the negative scripts that might be playing in your mind.  “Our biochemistry and our psychology start to change as we learn to control our way of thinking.” Movement is through a series of exercises that focus on breathing, movement, self-massage, conducting, and improvised dancing.  By synchronizing your thoughts and actions, you can become a “Parkinson’s warrior” —  a person who is unafraid to change their story and feel good again.”
Margaret Tuchman and Gloria Hansen, The Parkinson Alliance

2. Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving; Dancing with the dragon

Author: John Argue

This book was recommended by a Parkinson’s Physiotherapist who provides exercise classes for a group of Parkinson’s patients (when Covid allows)

Neurologists universally recommend making exercise a part of the daily regimen of every Parkinson’s patient. This is an excellent book that tells people with the disease and their caregivers how to follow that advice. Movement teacher John Argue has distilled the information from his classes for Parkinson’s patients into a comprehensive exercise program designed to help readers improve flexibility, balance, gait, and communication. Over 100 photographs clearly illustrate the exercises, which derive from Yoga and Tai Chi techniques and theatre movement skills, and encompass a variety of daily activities.

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